Eleven men accused in Freiburg: Lawyers threatened in rape process


Before a disco in Freiburg a young woman is raped. Eleven men are in court. The case and the process are proving immense public interest – and they even evoke aggression from bystanders who are now likely to let them out of the judiciary.
In the case of the gang rape of an 18-year-old in front of a disco in Freiburg, the participants in the judiciary are said to face hostility and threats. The criminal case before the district court of Freiburg thus reflects a general trend, said prosecutor Thorsten Krapp.

Lawyers are often insulted and threatened – sometimes even with death. The prosecution investigate and try to find the authors of threats and hate messages. Threats and hate comments were often received by phone, email, and post, as well as social media, Krapp said. They came from "completely uninvolved persons" who pursued criminal proceedings through the media and wanted to express their opinions.

In the Freiburg proceedings not only defenders, but also the victim protection lawyer had been threatened. After the trial began, the presiding judge had already warned the public to be lenient after defenders had been targeted.

The process started at the end of June. There are 11 men aged 18 to 30, most of them refugees. You are accused of rape or failure to help. They allegedly raped the 18-year-old or did not help her. The accused deny this or mention the allegations.

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