FC Bayern – BVB: This is the tactic plan of Hansi Flick


Bayern fight on Saturday against Borussia Dortmund (from 18.30 clock in the LIVETICKER) around the possible second table space. Hansi Flick, however, for his future as head coach – until summer.

A convincing performance against the black and yellow (19 points) is Flick after SPORT1– Help to remain, until the end of the season head coach of Munich.

Flick does not want to comment on his future, he said on Friday again, focusing on the tasks of the present.

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These are: The Bayern fit to make the BVB hit.

SPORT1 explains the Flick plan!

Defend further defensive

Already on Tuesday betrayed the 54-year-old that he puts on Einespielheit. Against Piraeus therefore defended Benjamin Pavard and Alphonso Davies outside, and Javi Martinez and David Alaba inside. Jerôme Boateng sat on the bench because he misses Dortmund with a red card suspension.

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"The defensive is in my focus," said Flick on Friday. It was important to him "that the zero stands". The back four had it in the 2-0 against offensively weak Greeks "good", said the Kovac successor.

Quite likely Flick sets against the Borussia on the same staff. Davies is to defend against BVB high-flyer Achraf Hakimi. Flick: "I'm confident he can do the job." By giving Davies, who still has wobblers in an unfamiliar position, a start-up mission one day earlier, he deliberately puts pressure on the 19-year-old. Flick makes it clear to him: I'm counting on you.

SPORT1 learned: The training emphasis this week was on the defensive. Keyword: Forward Defense. Co-trainer legend Hermann Gerland was fully integrated, leading isolated defensive exercises in smaller groups themselves.

Motivating frustration stars

Flick surprised when he told Piraeus that Martinez and Muller would play. Ironically, the two who were sitting under predecessor Niko Kovac often only frustrated on the bench.

Muller plays a very important role in the Flick plans. Both have known each other for years and became world champions in Brazil in 2014. The great-Bavarian was publicly praised by Flick publicly this week. On Thursday he also explicitly emphasized his mileage (12.6 kilometers against Piraeus). Against Dortmund Muller should be back in the starting eleven, probably in the central midfield.

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He also motivated Joshua Kimmich by letting him play in his desired position, alone in front of the defense. Also kilometer performance praised Flick (13.6). Probably that Kimmich will clear away there on Saturday.

Uphold positive mood

SPORT1 learned that the mood in the cabin has changed since the separation from Kovac to the positives. To many stars Flick has a very good, familiar relationship. He also has advocates within the team for his future as a permanent solution. His clear speeches and training content are praised.

Philippe Coutinho and Thiago, who hardly played any role against Piraeus, were highly motivated in secret training on Thursday. "A positive mood is important to me," said Flick. He was in his professional years even "sour" if he did not play. The more empathic he now goes to those who are behind. But Flick also made clear that he is not just the good-mood uncle: "I can also get loud, that's part of it."

SPORT1 learned: Flick held many one-to-one interviews this week. He had already announced this on Tuesday. What was good with the players: He also took care of those who were sitting on the bench the last time.

Bring back game joke and dominance

The 2: 0 against Piraeus was earned, but not intoxicating. In the meantime, it even whistled, because the Bayern played too slowly and unimaginative.

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"In the offensive, we still have room for improvement," Flick clarified. However, it was important for him to strengthen his weak defensive earlier this week.

As him SPORT1 Asked about his personal game philosophy, Flick replied, "Now it's all about being well, but I'm a supporter of possession, but I also want to have some efficiency." At the moment, we're still in the game It is important that we get a ball security, it worked well against Piraeus, but Dortmund is a different caliber, so we have to go one better. "

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