Five killed in renewed anti-government protests in Baghdad


More than 150 people were reportedly injured.

The police have pushed the demonstrators from certain areas in the center of the capital, Baghdad, using live ammunition and tear gas. They have recaptured all but one of the central bridges across the Tigris River.

Earlier on Saturday, Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi had admitted mistakes and promised an electoral reform. "The protests have helped and will help put pressure on political parties and the government to reform and accept change," he said. But you have to return to a normal life. That would lead to legitimate claims being met. For example, the authorities would ban non-state armed groups from possessing firearms accused of killing protesters. In addition, the circumstances of the killings should be investigated.

The demonstrations had begun on October 1 with the demand for work and more state services for the citizens. In Baghdad and some southern cities, the call for reform of the political system and an end to corruption in the government grew louder and louder. Ajatollah Ali al-Sistani, the country's leading Shiite cleric, called on political leaders on Friday to seek a peaceful solution to the conflict, killing more than 280 people so far.



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