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The more than 59,500 polling stations of this 10N they have begun to be constituted at 8.00 to open the schools at 9.00 and inaugurate a day in which 37 million Spaniards are called to elect again 350 deputies and 208 senators.

They are 22,868 schools spread throughout the country, in which about 211,000 ballot boxes and 58,000 cabins have been installed, along with more than 400 million ballots.

More than 178,000 citizens have been called as regular members of the tables and more than 357,000 as alternates. Your responsibility is to verify the identity of all the neighbors who approach the tables until 8:00 p.m., check the ballots introduced in the urns and those sent by mail and transmit the final data of the vote.

Of the 37 million people entitled to vote this Sunday, a total of 226,771 may exercise it for the first time in some general elections, having turned 18 after the April elections.

37 million Spaniards called to vote

Something more than 37 million Spaniards are called on Sunday to participate in the second general elections held in 2019, a new appointment with the polls to which, according to the latest polls, the left and right party blocks arrive fairly matched.

With the question of what will be the participation rate, the only real data known so far is that of the requests for vote by mail processed -986,446-, which have fallen by 26.7% compared to the elections in April.

In the fifteenth general elections from a country in democracy, for the first time the electoral census exceeds 37 million (37,000,608), 2.1 of them registered in the census of Spaniards residing abroad.

A total of 226,771 young people may exercise this 10N his right to vote for the first time in a general, having reached the age of majority after the elections of April 28.

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