Lampard reveals all his superstitions


The Blues coach said a lot about him at a press conference.

Frank Lampard

"I have routines. Take out the dog, the time I'm leaving, the shoes I'm wearing in training, lots of little things. I go out my dog ​​at certain times of certain days. The day before a training, I go out for a while, on a certain route. I wake up earlier, take her to the local coffee shop, grab my coffee, walk around, pick up her shit, put her in the trash, come back and go to training. It empties my head, I do it often. I'm going to the room too. It's another of my superstitions. I have to spend a certain number of minutes on the bike, or on the carpet, things like that. If I do not do these things, I have this ridiculous feeling that it could affect our results. But it's not painful. I like going out the dog, I like to go to the room, I like to eat pasta before a game, it suits me well. We are all different, I do not rely on it completely either. It makes me laugh, but I think it shows how much we want to do and win sometimes."Thanks, or not, to this routine, Frank Lampard's Blues are on the podium in the Premier League.

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