Lula and the butterfly effect



Yes lock up Luis Inacio Lula da Silva for 580 days it constituted a serious error of the Brazilian right, more it was to free it and the evidence is today in the streets of the South American giant.

His departure from prison has been the burning wick that his people needed to march after the leader, now more strengthened by his displays of courage and honesty, tested with his dignified and public attitude towards the executioners.

Lula was the victim of a rigged trial and the resentment of the fearful right that the man who freed Brazil from hunger and made it the seventh economy in the world, would continue to play Robin Hood, returning the wealth to the sovereign, something he knows his People and everyone.

The Latin American nation has lived a prolonged nightmare during the last years, first with the outrage of President Dilma Rousseff, expelled from her post by a corrupt parliament that gave the command to Michel Temer, who gave the coup de grace to democracy Brazilian sending the leader of the Workers Party to prison.

The strategy was clear, they knew that Lula was the candidate of the majority of the population and had all the chances of winning the elections.

Then you had to discredit him and move him away from the polls. And they do it like that.
After a campaign of manipulation, punishment and hate, and before a worn left, in 2018 won the right-wing candidate, Jair Bolsonaro, who has not wasted time sweeping Brazil of everything that smelled of social development projects for the majority , for the most vulnerable groups, privatizing left and right, eliminating subsidies and, above all, aligning the country with everything that the American president, Donald Trump, says or does in matters of international politics.

His letter of introduction to Washington was the destruction of the Mais Doctors program, in the eyes of the world and of the World and Pan American Health Organization. It was not enough and deployed a whole campaign to discredit Cuban medical collaboration, an example of solidarity and help throughout the planet.

The flattery pat on his shoulder was not enough and he undertook, as his idol, against the Paris Agreement to face climate change. But already there, grace is costing him a little more expensive, since the alarms of the great fires in the Amazon jungle, the green lung of the Earth, soared.

Bolsonaro's negligent and carefree attitude to the catastrophe has cost him more than a jerk of ears on international stages and can cost him much more, even, the approval of the free trade agreement that the countries of the Southern Common Market (Mercosur) , are trying, for many years, to implement with the European Union.

The agreement with the community bloc is strict in its environmental protection clauses, an issue that the current president of Brazil, as his icon of the White House, does not consider important. However, already at the meeting of the Group of Seven (G-7), last August, the situation in the Amazon cost more than a reprimand from the world's largest economies.

Just one day ago, and to finish putting the lid on the doorknob, Bolsonaro threw himself again against Brazil, when he raised his hand with the United States and Israel to vote for the economic, financial and commercial blockade that for 60 years the Washington governments against Cuba.

Undoubtedly, the representative of the right did not know how much damage that vote would do to his mandate before a Brazilian people friend of the island and grateful for his doctors, who arrived there to attend to those who had never received free medical care.

It is no less true that the surveys still give Bolsonaro 30 percent support, which reflects that, if the data is true, the Brazilian right has a large number of followers.

However, I think the man who could trigger the Butterfly Effect is already on the street. Will Lula's release be that small change in the face of the chaos that triggers the major changes that the country needs so much? I think you just need to beat her wings. Brazil is waiting for you.

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