'Nacho' Gonzalez returned to play in the League and even Orvananos was moved


Leon, Guanajuato.- With the number 35, after a year and eight months of not playing in Liga Mx, Ignacio Gonzalez returned to the courts in the match against Toluca.

With a hobby surrendered to ‘Corazon de Leon’, which showed the name of Axel, the little Fiera fan who died of leukemia, Ignacio Gonzalez returned to play with Leon in Liga Mx.

Entering minute 80 ’, replacing by Yairo Moreno, Nacho Gonzalez stepped on the pitch of the Leon Stadium, just before the fourth goal of the Fiera, made by JJ Macias.

When I entered the court, Fernando Navarro He handed Nacho Gonzalez the captain's badge. In the Fox Sports broadcast, Raul Orvananos accepted that he had been moved by how Leon's fans surrendered to Ignacio Gonzalez.

The last match in Liga Mx by Ignacio Gonzalez had been in March 2018.

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