NFL: the miseries of New York


New York is said to be the city that never sleeps. That's true, except that the two clubs that represent the megacity in the NFL are so deep in sleep that they are shaming the reputation of the place.

The Jets are bogged down in such mediocrity that the Big Apple could be renamed the Big Pear in their honor. The Giants do a little bit better, and at least they line up a few players who let glimpse better days, but they are still in a vegetative state for too long.

The two teams in distress clash tomorrow in a duel that will not raise more passion in New York than a bingo night.

Unprofitable changes

The Jets have not made the playoffs since 2010 and have only won 15 of their last 56 games. But this season, all hopes were allowed with a second-year quarterback in Sam Darnold, who showed promising signs. Adam Gase was hired as a new head coach and he was to be the offensive guru who would take his young student to the next level.

Joe Douglas has been hired as the new General Manager. The Jets even broke their pigs to pay the porter Le'Veon Bell, who after going on strike for a year in Pittsburgh is no longer the shadow of himself behind a ridiculous offensive line.

Since their stunning victory against the Cowboys, the Jets were downgraded by 88-33 on the score and the attack was a victim of 10 turnovers, including several absolutely horrible interceptions of Darnold.

And the repechage?

The most jovialist members of the Jets' optimistic club will say that this season to forget will allow a better start in the repechage. Is that so ? It will be necessary to remind them that from 2010 to 2017, they benefited from nine first-round choices, most of the time advantageously placed. Only one remains on board, the marauder Jamal Adams, who would take more pleasure these days at the Winnipeg Jets than the New York Jets.

Unless there is a drastic change, Adam Gase will just pass. His reputation as an offensive genius is rather troubling, considering that since 2014, when Peyton Manning was his quarterback in Denver, he never led an attack that broke the top 20 in terms of points scored and yards earned.

The most recent loss to the Dolphins plunges the organization into an unnamed embarrassment, to an abyssal depth seldom reached. DG Douglas will preside in April his first draft, and he has an interest in aiming well.

The Giants are tearing

The Giants can at least claim to have won the Super Bowl in 2011, but this is their last achievement. Since then, failures have followed, but at least young players like quarterback Daniel Jones, running back Saquon Barkley, receiver Darius Slay and tight end Evan Engram promise an interesting kernel to attack.

Defensively, the Giants are trying to rebuild the inside of their defensive front with players like Dexter Lawrence and Leonard Williams, newcomer from the Jets, ironically.

Moreover, this transaction was the first in the history between the two clubs in New York. Like what one does not even fear that the other storms the market.



LA Chargers in Oakland

My choice: CHARGERS


Baltimore to Cincinnati (1 pm)

My choice: RAVENS

Buffalo in Cleveland (1 pm)

My choice: BROWNS

Detroit in Chicago (1 pm)

My choice: BEARS

NY Giants at NY Jets (1 pm)

My choice: GIANTS

Kansas City, Tennessee (1 pm)

My choice: CHIEFS

Arizona to Tampa Bay (1 pm)


Atlanta to New Orleans (1 pm)

My choice: SAINTS

Miami to Indianapolis (4:05 pm)

My choice: COLTS

LA Rams in Pittsburgh (4:25 pm)

My choice: RAMS

Caroline in Green Bay (4:25 pm)

My choice: PACKERS

Minnesota to Dallas (8:20 pm)

My choice: COWBOYS

*On Monday*

Seattle to San Francisco (8:15 pm)

My choice: 49ERS


Last week 8 in 14 (57.1%)

Total this season 79 to 135 (58.5%)

* Teams on leave *

Patriots, Texans, Jaguars, Broncos, Eagles, Redskins


Baltimore Ravens (6-2) vs Cincinnati Bengals (0-8)


The Bengals chose to send Andy Dalton to dry on the bench to give the ball to rookie quarterback Ryan Finley. The latter has excelled in preparatory matches, but is about to discover a whole new world facing Ravens in full swing. The Bengals are unable to run or slow down the race, a fatal combination against a club like the Ravens. Finley enjoys a good audition by the end of the season, but the first act is cruel. Baltimore by 14

Buffalo Bills (6-2) vs. Cleveland Browns (2-6)


The Browns' former Chief Browns contract holder, Kareem Hunt, has served his eight-game suspension. Head coach Freddie Kitchens has promised an interesting role for Hunt, but current starter Nick Chubb is one of the few in the team that plays with heart. A two-headed monster is conceivable against the Bills, who despite a solid defense, are 19e against the race. Moreover, in their last three games, they conceded 151.3 rushing yards on average. Cleveland by 4

Detroit Lions (3-4-1) vs. Chicago Bears (3-5)


As much for the Lions as for the Bears, it will be necessary to concentrate on 2020 in case of defeat. How is it still possible to believe in the Bears this season despite their offensive offensive? Because currently at Lions, the defense seems to be in the middle of an option year and has chosen not to honor the contract. They occupy the 31e rank and if there is a match where Mitchell Trubisky can at least temporarily regain his dignity, that's it. We believe in it, but so little … Chicago by 3

New York Giants (2-7) vs New York Jets (1-7)


This all-New York duel has no other issue than pride. On the one hand, quarterback Giants Daniel Jones has dropped the ball seven times in his last three games and has been crushed 16 times in sacks. On the other side, Sam Darnold has thrown at least one interception in four straight games. What is likely to come out of trouble is that tomorrow's rivals have granted 53 receptions and 417 yards to the opposing bearers this season. He will therefore rely on Saquon Barkley repeatedly. NY Giants by 3

Kansas City Chiefs (6-3) vs. Tennessee Titans (4-5)


It's time for the return of Patrick Mahomes with the Chiefs. The quarterback star will be wary since the Titans are effective against the pass and are awarded the title of the most unpredictable team of the NFL. Every year, they beat teams they are not supposed to beat. In the end, however, Mahomes has too many toys at his disposal and apart if the Titans player Derrick Henry knows a monster match, difficult to consider a misstep of the Chiefs. Kansas City by 6

Arizona Cardinals (3-5-1) vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-6)


Both attacks are capable of producing and both defenses are vulnerable, which may give an entertaining, high-scoring duel. Kyler Murray has had his best moments at the helm of the Cards attack against the 49ers and can hope even better against the Bucs. However, his defense could sink the ship, she is 29th against the pass and 30th for the percentage of passes completed against it. Jameis Winston should not sink too much in turnovers. Tampa Bay by 1

Atlanta Falcons (1-7) vs New Orleans Saints (7-1)


If the Falcons are demolished by the Saints, will this be the signal for the end for head coach Dan Quinn? It's possible. Falcons air play remains dangerous, but the Saints have not conceded more than 235 passing yards in five straight games. Their cornerback Marshon Lattimore, who will cover Julio Jones, has not given a touchdown since week two. In two games against Atlanta last year, Drew Brees made seven touchdown passes. New Orleans by 17

Miami Dolphins (1-7) vs Indianapolis Colts (5-3)


Quarterback Jacoby Brissett, injured last week, should return to action for the Colts. His offensive line will have to protect him, she conceded nine sacks in the last two games, compared to only seven in the first six games. The Colts will in any case try to simplify things by attacking with Marlon Mack against a defense that has conceded more than 140 rushing yards four times this fall. Indianapolis by 10

Los Angeles Rams (5-3) vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (4-4)


The Steelers are back in the race under a good sequence. The Rams, in the national conference, can not afford missteps. The Steelers recovered with an opportunistic defense that resulted in 22 turnovers (second in the league) and 29 sacks (fifth). Offensively, however, Mason Rudolph too often falls back on his nearby targets. And by the race, with James Conner visibly absent, it's tough against the Rams. Los Angeles by 3

Carolina Panthers (5-3) vs Green Bay Packers (7-2)


Now that Cam Newton's season is over and Kyle Allen is fighting to become the long-term Panthers man of confidence, the pressure is getting stronger on his shoulders. He is no longer the substitute quarterback from whom nothing was expected, but the man of the situation. The Packers were upset this season when they were bounced down and the Panthers are betting on Christian McCaffrey to do that. But Aaron Rodgers will bring rabbits out of his hat. Green Bay by 6

Minnesota Vikings (6-3) vs. Dallas Cowboys (5-3)


Take quarterback Vikings Kirk Cousins, put him in match at prime time. Add an opponent with a winning record. The potential for victory is greatly diminished. Conversely, his counterpart Dak Prescott already claims 14 victories in prime time, the highest total in the league since 2016. He is also 4-0 against Cousins ​​and his record is set to 6-1 against the defenses of the top 5 in career with a coefficient of efficiency (rating) of 105.9. Dallas by 8

Seattle Seahawks (7-2) vs. San Francisco 49ers (8-0)


Who says Mondays are boring? The rivalry revives between the Seahawks and the 49ers after a few less captivating years. The Niners have everything to attack in various ways, especially since the beneficial addition of a productive receiver in Emmanuel Sanders. Among the Seahawks, the magic operates, but is more like a thread, which bears the name of Russell Wilson, Without his miracles and his disarming calm in the fourth quarter, the Seahawks would not have the same face. Two certainties: it will be tight and we will make sure late … San Francisco by 3

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