Orient Pharmaceutical Laboratory received the Condition Center Eleventh Congress


0926 eastern pharmaceutical laboratoryHe Oriente Pharmaceutical Laboratory received the Condition Eleventh Center Congress of the Young Communist Union (UJC), for his outstanding work in the production of medicines in Cuba and the prominence of his youth in tasks of social impact.

The youth organization also recognized nine outstanding youth in their job functions.

According to Lisset Rodriguez Zayas, quality technologist, his greatest commitment as a young man is to research for the development of new products and improvement of existing ones, as well as the realization of activities that highlight the values ​​of the members of the organization.

Annia Poblador Serguera, secretary of the provincial UJC, highlighted the scientific contribution made by the youth of this center and the proper functioning of the grassroots committee in all activities convened by the organization.

The Oriente Pharmaceutical Laboratory, belonging to BioCubaFarma, assumes through the most modern plant of its kind in Cuba the manufacture of the parenteral sera that the country needs to face the epidemiological situation of arbovirosis and concentrated hemodialysis solutions for nephrotic patients in the region east-central

The entity also produces generic and natural oral tablets, powdered drugs and bandages for orthopedics.

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