Rennes: a student jumps from the 3rd floor during a drunken evening


Accident, inconceivable bet or obscure madness during a drunken evening? On the night of Friday to Saturday, a 21-year-old student was thrown out of the window of an apartment on the 3rd floor, in rue des Loges, Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine).

According to Ouest-France, the young man enrolled at the Ecole Nationale Superieure (ENS) fell about ten meters. He was rushed to the University Hospital of Rennes and his condition remains worrying. The daily evokes a risk of partial or complete paralysis: the vertebrae of the student were affected during the fall.

Alcohol and cannabis in the apartment

After conducting several hearings of witnesses, the police lean for the hypothesis of a voluntary fall, while the young man from Loire-Atlantique was under the influence of alcohol, still tells Ouest-France. An investigation was opened to shed light on the exact circumstances of this tragedy.

The police were able to note the presence of alcohol and cannabis "in small quantity" in the apartment where had found twenty students before the tragedy is knotted, also noted France Bleu.

Three falls of students in a few months

The father of the victim does not return. "We must stop with this limitless consumption of alcohol and narcotics. That's what it gives and the tragedies it entails, "he panicked with Ouest-France.

This is the third fall since the beginning of the year in this city regularly faced with accidents at student parties. The last two victims, students aged 20 and 27, died two months apart after accidentally falling on family holidays.

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