Russia advocates for peaceful settlement of political dispute in Bolivia



Moscow, Nov. 10 Russia advocates a peaceful solution to the political discrepancies that plague Bolivia today and considers the calls of the non-systemic opposition of that country to forcefully dismiss the Government.

We advocate for a prompt solution of the discrepancies between the Bolivian political forces within the constitutional framework, said the spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zajarova, cited here by the capital television.

We consider inadmissible the attempts of some political forces to ease tensions around the work of international experts and exert pressure on them, which could make it difficult to issue an objective judgment, he said.

Zajarova thus referred to the review of the electoral process, after the elections last October, in which President Evo Morales obtained more than 47 percent of the votes, to win in the first round, having 10 points of advantage over his closest rival.

The statements of the Bolivian non-systemic opposition that they reject the results of the audit in advance, their ultimatum to the authorities and the calls to forcefully dismiss the Government do not contribute to normalizing the situation in the country, Zajarova said.

This goes against the interest of the Bolivian people, said the spokeswoman, amid violent acts by the Bolivian extremist opposition that assaulted the headquarters of state radio and television, took public buildings and burned houses of members of the executive.

We would like to emphasize once again that Russia is interested in a politically and economically stable Latin America, said the head of the Press Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

We develop with all countries in the region, including Bolivia, a mutually beneficial cooperation based on equality, respect and non-interference in internal affairs, in accordance with the UN Charter and the rules of international law, he clarified .

In this regard, the Center for Crisis Situations of the Russian Foreign Ministry issued a recommendation to its citizens to plan their possible trips to that South American country with responsibility.

We take note of the speculations reproduced by the media about a new case of the alleged "Russian interference" that this time has supposedly taken place in Bolivia, the official said.

As in previous cases, the accusations lack any evidence and are absolutely unfounded, Zajarova said.

On this occasion, the original source of the misinformations was a website, specifically from the Proekt company, registered in a country with coasts in the Baltic Sea that at the expense of foreign sponsors publishes custom made anti-racist materials, said the spokeswoman.

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