Saint Sernin / Montcenis brings down the leader, FC Gueugnon


The local coach, Michel Dias, at the end of the game, did not hide his enthusiasm: "It's huge, they did it, it's huge! Yes, because to put in context the match U18, who could predict this result before the kickoff? Not many people, of course, and yet.
FC Gueugnon, had, indeed, already suffered 15 days ago in Breuil, but the superiority of some yellow and blue players had made the difference late in the game, without really being able to impose a blatant dominance. The agreement Saint Sernin / Montcenis knew this small detail: their opponent of the day was playable, but has in its workforce some players of the higher level. Never mind, Michel Dias has experienced others in his (long) career as a player, then educator. Mobilization of all, total concentration and not be afraid of efforts, even the most ungrateful, that's how Saint Sernin / Montcenis beat Gueugnon.

Without being a good match to follow, there was not the issue of the day, we can only regret the lack of opportunity and therefore goal, both sides. In the first period we can note a dangerous free-kick for visitors, shot by Matheo Marsac, passed by the training center of Saint Etienne, Adrien Monk, the porter san Serninois captured in two times.
The second period was of the same level, the blacksmiths understood that they would not get there and became angry while always remaining in the measure, the correction. They will be dangerous only on free-kick or corner, but each time the local defense was watching. At 70th, on a quick action, Bastien Rouayroux, the winger of Saint Sernin just returned to play, gave the advantage by inventing an incredible lobe, a magnificent goal of more than 20 meters. Michel Dias said it at the end of the match: huge. Taking the lead 20 minutes from the end, Saint Sernin managed the reactions of Gueugnon who will be, again, dangerous only on kicks set.
Nothing will do, Saint Sernin / Montcenis won this match with qualities that smiths had, however, in their DNA.

In Saint Sernin du Bois, stadium Omnisports, Entente Saint Sernin / Montcenis beats FC Gueugnon 1-0 (0-0)

Saint Sernin / Montcenis : Monk, Battaglia, Marconnet, Val, Pereira, Maizi, Moreira, Vacher, Moreau, Charles, Cirillo, Gane, Laskar and Rouayroux.
Gueugnon : Chevigny, Domingues, Jarraud, Lacroix, Libourel, Khelifi, Menasri, Karamalengos, Rose, MArsac, Dulka, Koyazande and Macedo.

Vincent Brucci

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