Sardinero and Ponferradina judge Ania's Racing


It is not the Ponferradina the best rival for the Racing and his coach will play it right now (follow the match live on Input, because Bolus they arrive in Santander emboldened after a magnificent streak of results and solvent game, and also because, and that must also be respected in football, the Sporty, as his followers call it, is badge for the Cantabrians. They have only faced each other in three seasons and in the first two a flat tire against the people of Bercians cost the Racing two descents.

Everything points to Ania is played the position if he does not win (if he loses the dismissal is almost certain), but the Spaniard seems confident in his plan and in his players. There will be no revolution and most likely repeat team, with the only novelty of the return of Toribio by Kitoko. If anything, if El Sardinero is waterlogged (it would not be surprising) sacrifice Cejudo for the most powerful Sergio Ruiz and go from 4-2-3-1 to 4-3-3. Also the position of striker could be affected by the storm: David Rodriguez, Nuha or Jon Ander, place your bets.

The Sporty look in Santander your third consecutive victory to stay hooked to the noble zone. Bolo has insisted during the week on no look at the table and focus on the three points at stake this afternoon to get closer to the goal of the permanence.

He technical has arranged for the first time in the season of all your template to prepare this match, and there is only one novelty is the return of Maxi Villa to the detriment of Buenacasa.

Large variations are not expected in the eleven, although Bolo always saves a bullet in the bedroom To surprise the rival. The doubt may be in the left bandwhere he played last week Kaxe and this could give entrance to Pablo Valcarce.

If Ponferradina has three points, he will sign the best garter belt in his seven seasons in Second Division.

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