SOlden / Tyrol: Skiers trigger avalanche – two people dead


Two skiers lost their lives in the SOlden in Tirol ski area on Saturday. Rescuers were able to save the two dead despite airbag only dead.

  • Two skiers lost their lives in the SOlden ski area on Saturday.
  • The men drove off the runway as a slab broke.
  • A third man escaped the avalanche.

Solden – Three skiers have one in the Austrian Alps on Saturday avalanche triggered. The Dutch were in the SOlden ski area in Tirol off the piste in a mountain ridge on the way, when suddenly a slab broke loose. While a 54-year-old was able to escape the avalanche, the other two men were buried by the snow at the age of 33 and 39 years.

SOlden in Tyrol: skiers trigger avalanche – two men die

As the police announced, one of the two skiers could trigger an avalanche airbag shortly before the accident. Nevertheless, both men were buried about two and a half to three and a half feet deep. Rescue forces could only do the skiers to lay dead, According to information from the Austria Press Agency, the avalanche accident on Saturday is the first deadly one in Austria this season, which actually did not really start at the beginning of November.

Of the Tyrolean avalanche service had warned on Friday before an increased avalanche danger in high altitudes and high mountains. There has been rain, wind and fresh snow throughout the region. Even though it is only November, wintry conditions prevail in the high mountains.

Three friends triggered an avalanche and a major rescue operation in January. But they did not want to pay for the punishment. A family has underestimated a hike from Brauneck to Tutzinger Hutte.

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