Take Two acknowledges that WWE 2K20 analyzes are "disappointing"


Neither Take two neither Visual concepts they have hidden before the numerous problems of WWE 2K20 since its launch, being a game with bugs everywhere, and that the developer has promised to improve updates through. The case has reached such gravity that even Sony It has been forced to make money refunds of the digital version of Playstation 4, in a completely unpublished fact, but despite this, the editor is optimistic about the future of the game.

A lot of work ahead for Visual Concepts

In a recent meeting of investors, the dome of Take Two is recognized "disappointed" with the reception of WWE 2K20, full of negative analysis of both the specialized press and users.

"At the same time that we are disappointed with the analysis and feedback of WWE 2K20 players, last week Visual Concepts released a patch that should fix several of the problems, and will continue to implement improvements to the gaming experience," the president said. Karl Slatoff "The WWE brand continues to expand throughout the world, and we believe it remains a substantial long-term opportunity for the franchise to continue improving the quality of the game."

It should be noted that this installment is the first one developed exclusively by Visual Concepts, since until now the study in charge was, mainly, the Japanese Yuke's, who broke relationships with 2K Games to develop their own wrestling IP. "Looking at the demands of the market, players expect something new every time we launch a game, and we feel we have not achieved what we wanted," he said in his moment Hiromi Furuta, vice president of Yuke's. "For example, there are many cases in which we still use old assets and we are not able to do certain things the way we want."

In this way, both Take Two and Visual Concepts hope to fix a situation that has been aggravated by multiple photo and video captures shared by WWE 2K20 players in social networks and forums.

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