Teji Savanier: "Make Andy score at the Mosson …"


The Team devotes an article to the pair Savanier / Delort. The opportunity for both players to remember that their friendship, must also be reflected in statistics on the meadow.

Andy Delort: "In front of Nancy, when he puts the ball on me, I say to myself," Andy whore, you have no right to miss this one, it's the first one ". I know it will not be the last, but this one was waiting for both of us. "

Teji Savanier always on this goal of Delort against the ASNL: "It's something that we dreamed of since I signed in Montpellier. For me, I've always said, it's more beautiful to pass than to score. And most importantly, make Andy mark the Mosson, it was very important to quickly do it. "

Midfielder Pailladin also evokes the chance to meet up with his friend under the colors of the MHSC: "No one could have imagined this trajectory, but we are, proud to wear this jersey, to be part of this team. "

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