The city fights against bicycle farms – 300 has mucked out in a year – Aarau – Aargau


For a good year, the city of Aarau has been managing the large bicycle parking lots and stations around the station and the Graben. Bicycles that stay longer than 45 days are confiscated. If you want to get your bike back, you have to pay 30 francs compensation. With this regulation, the City Council wants to prevent "bicycle graveyards".

"The system has proven itself," says Daniel Ringier, head of the security department of the city of Aarau. To date, no negative experiences have been made with the new rule. On the contrary. "There is a lot of understanding on the part of the cyclists for the procedure, because there are often very tight spaces and there is regularly not enough space for all bicycles."

The bicycles are checked monthly by the employees of the Werkhof. Bicycles that are unfit for driving, unsuitable for traffic or evidently hold-up will be marked. "The discreet mark is dated and attached to the bike," says Ringier.

In the first year, 300 bicycles were collected, half of which came from bicycle stations. Of the 300 bicycles, just under ten percent, or around 30, were triggered again. The bikes can be picked up at the works yard in the Telli.

Bicycles land in the works yard

The discarded bicycles remain in the works yard between one and six months, depending on the condition: Irreparable bicycles get a grace period of one month, functional ones remain in the works yard for three to six months. If this deadline expires without the keeper notifying himself, a recovery list will be drawn up. "This will be checked by the cantonal police for possible theft displays," says Ringier. If there is no indication, the bike will be used. "The bicycles are picked up alternately by Bikes2Go, a company of Trinamo AG, or the company Grassi AG, which pay a small amount to the city police."

To talk was the patience of the city council; The deadline of 45 days seems to many as extremely long. For example, at Winterthur railway station, all bicycles that have been stopped for more than 48 hours are being towed. "The deadline of 45 days was chosen so that even people who spend a long time on vacation can easily park their bicycles at the station," says Ringier, referring to the decree of the City Council, which was published in July 2018. "The 45 days are the corresponding ordered traffic arrangement." This should be implemented by the administration.

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