"The Getafe and Bordalas are the wild card of some, it is of caradura but it is over"



Getafe coach, Jose Bordalas, broke out as "never" at a press conference this Sunday after the goalless draw against Osasuna, a rival who went to the Coliseum to "tie" and propose a "locked" match that they then attribute to the qualities of his 'geta'.

"Before making an assessment of the game I want to comment on one thing, which I think is important and the time has come to comment on it. Statistics of today's match: Getafe interruptions have been 15, those of rival 37. Shots 14-4, each other Osasuna's door. Why do I comment on this? "he said, when he sat down in the press room.

Bordalas recognized that "never" had been so exalted in an appearance. "Today the glass has already overflowed. A lie is told repeatedly and in the end people end up believing it and I've been like that for four years, and I can't take it anymore. Whoever does that is a freak and is a bad companion," he said the local coach, tired of being given his defensive team, as Jagoba Arrasate left in the previous one.

"In the previous one to this match, the rival coach commented that the games in the Colosseum were very tight, that it was barely played. Attributing to us what they do. It's crazy. I will not allow it anymore. It's over. Oier also after the game comments that they were prepared for a very locked match. That Getafe raises the very locked matches when it was they who made the locked match, "he said.

"They have lost time, 37 interruptions. The wild card of many teams and coaches is Getafe and Bordalas. I can no longer allow it. If a great match has not been seen, it was the fault of the opponent, because he has come to tie at zero. It is unfortunate that this continues to happen day after day, year after year. It is the wild card, the Getafe and Bordalas. It is having little shame, attributing to us what they do, "he added.

The blue coach defended and praised the game of his team, the "bravest" of LaLiga. "The Getafe has not left any game to tie, as the opponent of today and some teams do. The Getafe always goes out to win. It is the LaLiga team that plays the longest in the field next to Eibar. From Ruben's injury the game stopped, but there has been a team that has gone for the game. Getafe is labeled defensive team, which locks the games, and is the bravest team in LaLiga, "he said.

"They attribute to you what they do. They talked in the previous one of 'Getafe football', as if they were a team that makes a wonderful, touch football. It's funny. It's unfortunate. Bordalas and Getafe are the wild card of some , it's unfortunate but it's over, "he settled.

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