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The conflict between Migros and Piller

Sunday morning / SonntagsZeitung: Contrary to what he claims, the promoter Damien Piller still fails to shed light on the more than 1.6 million francs that Migros paid to its companies for the construction of shops in Belfaux and La Roche ( EN), say The Morning Sunday and the SonntagsZeitung in their editions of the day. It is by comparing the different expertises produced by the two conflicting parties that inconsistencies in the defense of the president of the administration of the Migros Neuchatel-Friborg cooperative (MNF) were detected.

The weeklies are also surprised that the counts produced by Damien Piller last Monday in Friborg are not identical to those presented at the Migros plant in January of this year. The giant orange asked them after a whistleblower had denounced, in 2017, the practices of the promoter. For Damien Piller's lawyer, "there is no significant difference. Simply a different presentation, which is not unusual because the authors of the documents are not the same. And to add, "there is no double billing, no blending".

Moreover, reports the SonntagsZeitung, a complaint was filed with the district court of Neuchatel against the vote on the revocation of the administration of MNF and which must end next Saturday. The plaintiffs are questioning the voting material: the 124,000 Neuchatel and Friborg cooperatives must return their voting cards without an envelope or a legitimation card.

Older people driving

Sunday morning / SonntagsZeitung: Retirees are committing more and more traffic offenses. In 2018, 1,802 convictions were issued against people over 70, twice as many as in 2008, according to the Accident Prevention Bureau (BPA), quoted by Le Matin Dimanche and SonntagsZeitung. The increase is similar for license withdrawals. Last year 7446 sesames were confiscated, twice more than ten years earlier. In addition, according to the Federal Roads Office last year, 315 accidents with serious injuries or deaths involved drivers over 70 years. Young drivers (aged 18 to 24) caused 238 accidents of the same type. The proportion of young drivers causing serious accidents remains higher (3.6 out of 10'000 inhabitants) – against 2.7 for seniors (2.7) – but since 2011, this figure has already halved. The figures of seniors remain stable.

The bankruptcy of Thomas Cook affects Switzerland

NZZ am Sonntag: The bankruptcy of British tour operator Thomas Cook is making waves to Switzerland. The sinking of its Swiss subsidiary, headquartered in Pfaffikon (SZ), could lead to one of the biggest bankruptcies in the country's history, writes NZZ am Sonntag. "So far, we have received at least 5150 claims of receivables," says Adrian Gygax, deputy director of the federal bankruptcy office in the canton of Schwyz. But there will surely be many more. By way of comparison, following the sinking of the Swissair airline, some 10,000 creditors had announced themselves. Thomas Cook announced his insolvency on September 23 and a bankruptcy proceeding was opened against his Swiss subsidiary on October 1. Most creditors come from Switzerland, Germany, Austria, but also France, the Netherlands and Spain. Thomas Cook Switzerland offered, among other things, package tours sold over the Internet. The bankruptcy office is not in a position to articulate the amount of the debts heretofore announced, but the sum is in millions of francs. Thomas Cook was one of the largest tour operators in the world with subsidiaries in some 30 countries.

The medical expertise for the AI ​​fill the pockets of some doctors

SonntagsBlick: Some doctors pocket millions thanks to the medical expertise that they do for disability insurance (DI) offices. This is apparent from a document of the Federal Social Insurance Office (FSIO) that the SonntagsBlick was able to consult. It records the amounts paid by the AI ​​offices to doctors and clinics between 2012 and 2018. It appears that they allocate expertise contracts extremely unilaterally. In 2018, they paid 683 doctors and clinics to carry out so-called mono-disciplinary expertise for a total amount of 29.5 million francs. 10% of these experts share three-quarters of the mandates. Since 2012, a Bernese doctor has even earned nearly 3.1 million francs thanks to his expertise for the AI. Two other doctors each received 1.9 million francs during the same period. Lawyers, disability organizations and even doctors complain that experts who receive millions from AI offices no longer judge independently. They see in this unequal distribution an indication that they prefer experts who judge in their direction – that is to say against an incapacity for work and therefore against a rent, writes the SonntagsBlick.

Moscow: the Swiss ambassador leaves

SonntagsBlick: The Swiss ambassador to Moscow, Yves Rossier, will leave his post, according to the SonntagsBlick. The change is expected in 2021. His next assignment is still open, the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs said. Krystyna Marty Lang, considered a specialist of Russia, could replace him.

The online magazine Republik saved

NZZ am Sonntag: The German online magazine Republik can breathe. Chairman of the Media Board Sylvie Reinhard says investors will inject fresh money into the company, writes NZZ am Sonntag. The continuation of activities will therefore be ensured for 2020 without the need for drastic economy measures. Further details will be provided after the general meeting scheduled for December.

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