Tinelli explained why Gorosito did not arrive: "We wanted to have it quickly"


The vice president of San Lorenzo, Marcelo Tinelli, admitted this Saturday that they sought the hiring of Nestor Gorosito, currently in Tigre, "and could not be given", which is why the club leadership decided to confirm the position until the end of the year to Diego Monarriz.

"We thought that the coach should be the Pipo but it could not be given. We wanted to have it quickly and it did not happen. In Tigre they wanted to keep him for a game, then for two and I understand them," Tinelli explained in statements at the New Gasometer .

"I thank the leaders of Tigre beyond the pull. I know that Pipo wanted to come but he didn't give up, nothing more," he added.

Regarding the confirmation of Monarriz, announced this afternoon after the great 3-0 victory over the Argentine leader, Tinelli said: "We talked a lot and decided that if today's result was good, Diego should continue until the end of the year."

Finally, and in relation to the criticisms he receives for the delays in the Vuelta a Boedo, the television entrepreneur said: "They tell us that we slept back when we were the first to push it along with the Subcommission of the Fan. There are many things to do, starting with the law of rezoning, for which this week we will have a meeting in the legislature. "

"We have to work politically," he said, "they asked us to talk after the elections and we respect him. And after the law there are a lot of things to decide. What are we going to do? How much does a new stadium do?" How are we going to pay? There are many things that are said by the club's intern, but I think the fan is happy with the work of these eight years. "

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