VIDEO: A woman has found a way to make her dog talk


In San Diego, California (USA), a speech therapist has developed an invention to make his dog Stella talk. She shares her progress on Instagram.

Christina Hunger has created a special keyboard with big color buzzers. Mistress of Stella, an 18-month-old Australian mountain dog, she has been teaching him for 10 months to press on to make herself understood. On each button, she wrote simple requests like "Eat", "Play", "Go outside", "Be at home". When the dog presses a button, a voice triggers and speaks the word. The method allows the bitch to communicate with her mistress fairly accurately.

buzzers to express your desires

On his Instagram account Hunger4words, the orthophonist regularly publishes videos to show the progress of his dog. Stella would have now assimilated 29 words. She is able to tap several buttons in a row, which allows her to formulate sentences.

In the videos, we see her saying to her mistress: "Happy to play ball outside" or "I want to go eat". On a daily basis, the dog uses buzzers to express to her mistress her desires. "Stella uses the 'Go Out' button forty-eight times a day," recounts Christina Hunger with humor.


Nearly 278,000 people follow the experience, which delights dog lovers. "The way Stella uses words to communicate is similar to that of a 2-year-old," explains Christina Hunger on her account, where she explains her method with pedagogy.

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