2 Euro coin: Do you own this "double" coinage? 80,000 euros in it


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A German 2-euro coin causes a sensation on eBay. Finally, she should have a "double" -mehlstagung. Find out what it's all about here.

2-euro coins, which are advertised on eBay as a rare "misconduct", often turn out to be ordinary-normal coins that have simply gotten old in circulation. Wear and tear or small chipping are often common in the sequence – and inevitable.

2-Euro-coin from Lower Saxony: Is the "double" -mulling really worth 80,000 euros

But that does not seem to bother many "collectors" in the online marketplace – as seen now by a seller from Rhineland-Palatinate. He is sure: His German 2-euro coin is a particularly rare specimen, After all, it should be a "Original coinage" of St. Michael in Hildesheim, also called Michaeliskirche, act.

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The coin is supposedly from from the year 2014 and according to the seller is one "Double" -Fehlpragung, This should consist in that two small notches can be seen on the motif side of the coin. But to speak here of a double Fehlpragung, is probably far-fetched.

But the seller wants for the beautiful piece whopping 80,000 euros to have. Is it really worth it to another collector?

However, if you assume that you have a rare misprint in your wallet, experts advise not to sell them on eBay & Co. Why you should do better, read here.

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Video: 2-euro coin is offered on eBay for 80,000 euros

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