Amazon's FireTV and Echo devices can now be paired as a home theater


From now on, the sound of the content played on a Fire Stick, Fire TV or Cube can be played back via echo speakers. Here is a detailed list of compatible devices.

If you have both a FireTV and an Echo device, you can now merge their abilities into an unexpected home theater pleasure. Just follow the instructions below – if the existing devices are listed in the lower list of compatible devices.

How to pair the devices:

1. Fire TV and Echo device (s) must be connected to the same network and Amazon account.
2. In the Alexa app, touch the device icon in the bottom right corner and then the + icon in the top right corner.
3. A popup appears. Select "Set up audio system" here and tap "Home theater" on the next screen.
4. Select Fire TV and tap "Next" to name the new home theater system.
5. Select echo devices to be used as speakers – up to two speakers and one echo sub are possible.

6. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the setup

Compatible Fire TV devices:

Fire TV (3rd generation)

Fire TV Cube (2nd generation)

Fire TV Stick 4K

Compatible echo devices:

Echo (2nd generation)

Echo (3rd generation)

Echo Dot (3rd generation)

Echo Dot with clock

Echo Plus (1st generation)

Echo Plus (2nd generation)

Echo Studio

Echo Sub (can be paired with any of the above Echo devices)

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