Anne Will and Miriam Meckel announce separation


For more than 12 years they were together. In 2016, Anne Will and her life partner Miriam Meckel were romantically in the lead. Three years later, it is now over, as both have officially announced.

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Anne Will and Miriam Meckel were considered one of Germany's most famous female couples. Now they have announced the end of their partnership. The presenter has been officially with the communication scientist since 2007, but the relationship should have existed for some time.

In a statement issued by the German Press Agency, both said: "We parted ways, we will not explain any further and ask for our privacy."

"We just did not feel like fighting anymore"

Meckel later explained in "Der Spiegel" her coming-out by photo in "Bild am Sonntag": "We just wanted to be able to go to a public event and sit at the same table, and for that we had to endure it that this picture is taken. " Wills variant in the "star": "We just did not feel like cramping: I go, Miriam comes after."

Miriam Meckel and Anne Will: Here were the two in 2008 at the German Television Award. (Source: imago images / teutopress)Miriam Meckel and Anne Will: Here were the two in 2008 at the German Television Award. (Source: teutopress / imago images)

In 2016, the official step followed. "Yes, we got married," it said at the time. Even before the marriage for anyone who has only been possible in Germany for two years, Will and Meckel have given the vow for a registered civil partnership. To celebrate, Will wore a simple, white shift dress, combined with a bridal bouquet of red, pastel and cream roses. Meckel came in a striped, sleeveless dress in rose and white. For the celebration there were helium balloons in the form of two women.

In June there was the last joint appearance

Her private life kept Will and Meckel largely under wraps. Little was known about it. When Meckel worked up her burnout in the book "Letter to my life", she gave hardly anything about life with her partner. There were joint appearances from time to time. In the meantime circulating separation rumors were denied.

In June, there was another appearance in a prominent round: During a conference on artificial intelligence Will and Meckel showed in the Dresden Frauenkirche with Chancellor Angela Merkel and Greens leader Robert Habeck. Flashes of lightning and media hype around the celebrity couple met Meckel sometimes in their own way: she turned her counterpart into objects and photographed the photographers themselves.

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