ANSES payment schedule for Universal Child Allowance: November 11-15


10 November, 2019 19:26

ANSES announced the schedule of assets for the beneficiaries of the Universal Allocation for Children (AUH) that will be charged between November 11 and 15.

The ANSES reported that in September the retirements will increase by 12.22%
The National Social Security Administration (Before) disseminated the salary schedule for the beneficiaries of the Universal Allocation for Children, whose payment will be made between November 11 and 15.

ANSES | Schedule of payments to retirees and pensioners from November 11 to 15

From the agency, it was indicated that the rest of the beneficiaries are already assigned payment dates, which can be verified on the website,

The beneficiaries of the Universal Assignment for Child and Pregnancy for Social Protection will charge according to Before:

Documents completed in: Payment in the mail
2 11/12/19
3 11/13/19
4 11/14/19
5 11/15/19

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