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Smooth ice and fog have led to a pile-up on the A7: 18 cars crashed into each other, dozens of people were injured.

Marktbreit. At least 29 people are at one on Sunday multiple collision on the Highway 7 been injured in Bavaria. The Main bridge at Marktbreit lay in the fog, on the road had formed black ice: At least 18 vehicles raced together. At least four people were seriously injured, a police spokesman said.

The 49-year-old driver of a pickup truck was cracked at 7.20 o'clock in the middle plank. "At this time we had flash ice and bad visibility," said the police spokesman. Subsequent motorists could therefore no longer brake.

Within a few minutes, 17 consecutive vehicles crash into each other, including a truck and several rescuers' rescue cars. The drivers could not have seen more than 50 meters in the thick fog, police said.

Pile pile on A7: woman jammed in car

A woman was jammed in the car in the pile-up and cut by the fire department with heavy equipment from the rubble. A patrol car, which secured the scene of the accident, was rammed. "Three vehicles of the fire department were also damaged." A car of the Bavarian Red Cross is reportedly a total loss. Even a dog had to be released from one of the accident vehicles. The four-legged friend remained unhurt.

A large contingent of fire and rescue service was almost ten hours on duty to clean up the accident site to recover the wrecks and determine the accident. During the rescue work, the A7 was temporarily closed to the north between the exits Marktbreit and Kitzingen. The amount of damage was initially unclear. Several cars were reportedly severely damaged. (Dpa / moi / Jei)

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