BOrse Express – "AI4R" Platform: Artificial Intelligence & Robotics for the Austrian Trade


Handelsverband presents brand new concept for open platform "Artificial Intelligence for Retail". Active strategy with focus on SME traders.

Vienna (OTS) – We are currently experiencing the beginning of a new era, a new economy of connected shopping. New technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics or the Internet of Things allow us to consume in every situation. Trade must react to that because the customer journey is more complex than ever.

The trade association has now presented a new project for the sustainable use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in domestic trade at the "Touch Tech" event on the Campus of Talent Garden in Vienna.

New platform "AI4R"

"Artificial Intelligence for Retail" (AI4R) is to be built as an open platform that supports both complex AI applications in the planning as well as concrete robotics applications in the stationary shops.

"The open-source platform will serve Austrian retailers as a basis for various AI and robotics use cases from different vendors, especially for small and medium-sized retailers to facilitate the entry into the world of artificial intelligence," explains Rainer Will, Managing Director of the trade Association.

On the one hand, "AI4R" is intended to reduce the setup time and cost barriers for retailers when introducing KI solutions. On the other hand, it aims to reduce the barriers to entry for both SME retailers and IT service providers and start-ups specializing in AI applications.

"Despite all the digitization euphoria, we must not forget about regulative and ethical components – what matters is that people will remain at the center of everything in the future as well," says Will.

Retail Lab in Vienna: Austrian Innovation Center

The most exciting pilot projects from the initiative will be on display in the Austrian Innovation Center of the trade association in live operation. The open space in Alser Strabe will not only accommodate exhibition space and training rooms, but also be usable as an event location. Interested organizations who wish to participate can get information about cooperation possibilities by e-mail to [email protected] (mailto: [email protected]).

"With AI4R, we want to develop a living platform that offers added value for our dealers and their partners, and the Austrian Innovation Center will provide the stage for innovative KI and Robotics applications," confirms Rainer Will.

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