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Bayer Aktiengesellschaft: Publication in accordance with section 40 (1) WpHG with the aim of Europe-wide distribution

DGAP Voting Rights Announcement: Bayer Aktiengesellschaft
Bayer Aktiengesellschaft: Publication pursuant to section 40 (1) WpHG with the
Aim of Europe-wide dissemination

11.11.2019 / 09:08
Release of a Voting Rights Announcement transmitted by DGAP -
Service of the EQS Group AG.
The content of the communication is the responsibility of the issuer / publisher.

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notification of voting rights

1. Information about the issuer

     Name: Bayer Aktiengesellschaft
     Street, house no .: Kaiser-Wilhelm-Allee 1
     Postcode: 51373
     Location: Leverkusen
     Legal Entity Identifier (LEI): 549300J4U55H3WP1XT59

2. Reason for the communication

     X Acquisition or sale of shares with voting rights
          Acquisition or sale of instruments
          Change in the total number of voting rights
          Other reason:

3. Information about the notifier

     Legal Person: Ministry of Finance on behalf of the State of
     Registered seat, Country: Oslo, Norway

4. Names of shareholders
with 3% or more voting rights, if different from 3.

5. Date of threshold contact:


6. Total voting rights

                 Share Share Total Share Total number of shares
            Voting rights instruments (total 7.a. + voting rights to
           (Total 7.a.) (Total 7.b.1. + 7.b.) § 41 WpHG
  new 2.99% 0.02% 3.02% 932,591,468
  last 3.001% 0.01% 3.01% /
  the notifications

7. Details of voting rights
a. Voting Rights (Sections 33, 34 WpHG)

    ISIN in%
                       directly attributed directly attributed
                  (§ 33 WpHG) (§ 34 WpHG) (§ 33 WpHG) (§ 34 WpHG)
    DE000BAY0017 0 27.892.574 0% 2.99%
    Total 27.892.574 2.99%

b.1. Instruments i.S.d. Section 38 (1) no. 1 WpHG

    Type of due date Exercise time- Voting-
    Instruments / Expiry / Term te absolutely te%
    Securities lending N / A anytime 228.501 0.02%
    (Repurchase right)
                                  Total 228.501 0.02%

b.2. Instruments i.S.d. Section 38 (1) no. 2 WpHG

    Type of maturity exercise Bar settlement Voting
    Instruction / period / or physical rights
    maturity maturity maturity in%
    Contract open at any time bar 150 0.00002
                                     Total 150 0.00002

8. Information regarding the notifier

        Notification subject (3.) is neither controlled nor controlled
        Notify other companies that have voting rights
        Issuers (1.) or those with voting rights of the issuer
        be attributed.
   X Complete chain of subsidiaries, starting with the
        supreme controlling person or supreme controlling

    Company voting rights in%, instruments in%, total in%, if
                      if 3% or if 5% or higher 5% or higher
    State of%%%
    Norges Bank%%%

9. In case of power of attorney according to § 34 Abs. 3 WpHG
(only possible with an attribution according to § 34 Abs. 1 Satz 1 Nr. 6 WpHG)

Date of the Annual General Meeting:
Total voting rights (6.) after the Annual General Meeting:

     Share of voting rights Share of instruments Total of shares

10. Other information:



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11.11.2019 The DGAP distribution services include legal
Reporting requirements, corporate news / financial news and press releases.
Media archive at

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   Language: German
   Company: Bayer Aktiengesellschaft
                   Kaiser Wilhelm Allee 1
                   51373 Leverkusen

   End of the message DGAP News Service
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909129 11.11.2019
  ISIN DE000BAY0017

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