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Frida and Anna. Frida, the little girl, the whirlwind with the romance novel on the bedside table. And Anna, the straightforward and upright, the simple. Frida and Anna, the grandmothers of Regina Maurer. And the names of the two rooms in the bed and breakfast in the former Handwerkerquartier Hammer, which was opened on Thursday evening with a small celebration.

Ten years ago, Regina Maurer fell in love with this house. This house from the 16th century, unobtrusive from the outside, inside with character. No wall is straight and the floor is not at all, the door frames are dangerously deep. Ten years ago, Regina Maurer moved in here herself, to the apartment above the guest rooms. And even then, it was her dream to set up a Bed & Breakfast here. When it became clear in spring that this apartment would be vacant, she talked to the landlords. "They immediately agreed to open this B & B. This is a huge gift. »

A meadow flower bouquet is one of them

Regina Maurer is the hostess through and through. One knows her not only as a midwife but as a "brunch goddess". About three years ago, she set up the catering service, specializing in the perfect brunch. She not only brings the customer all sorts of delicacies home or at her favorite place, she also covers and decorates the table, cooks coffee, cleans up.

What characterizes the "brunch goddess": her flair for the perfect appearance, the mix between vintage and country house style, always accompanied by a meadow flower bouquet. And what counts for the brunch table, the playful and the beautiful, of course also applies to the B & B of the "brunch goddess".

"Brunch Goddess" Regina Maurer shows how to carve a swan out of an apple.

"Brunch Goddess" Regina Maurer shows how to carve a swan out of an apple.

The room names are a hommage. But not only: "Just as my grandmothers were, the rooms are also furnished," says Regina Maurer. Frida in old rose and framed floral motif, Anna in simple gray. In the corner stands the sewing table of the grandmother, the drawers still filled up with coils, threads and needles, on the parcel shelf hangs the wedding hat of the grandfather, on the floor stands the straw suitcase in which he, the gardener, the plants and Transported vegetables to the horticulture courses. Much nostalgia, but not only. "Too much would be too much," says Regina Maurer. The stylish break is ensured by the modern lamps, the clothes rack in industrial-chic, the simple beds.

In addition to the two rooms, there is a bathroom with shower shared by the guests. As well as the salon with large dining table and seating area, as well as the arbor. The price includes – per night and room 115 francs (room Frida) and 125 francs (room Anna) – is a normal breakfast. On request, Regina Maurer but also serves a generous brunch (60 francs surcharge). "If you book the brunch, you do not have to get up early in the morning either," she says and laughs. For Bruncher 13 clock is considered check-out time instead of 11 clock.

"I want to offer my guests an oasis in the middle of the city." Everything is close; the old town, the Aare, the train station, but those who do not want do not have to get out. "Here you can also sit in your bathrobe all day long and let your mind wander." In a bathrobe and with very special felt finches on the feet – "made of wool from Haslital black-nosed sheep."

Regina Maurer, midwife, Aarau: «I try to avoid fear»

Regina Maurer, midwife, Aarau: "I try to avoid fear" – Interview from the series "Lut usem Aargau" (15 December 2017)

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You can book the rooms through the website of the brunch goddess, at aarau info or on the website of «Bed & Breakfast Switzerland». First guests have already registered for one night. But Regina Maurer does not want to rush over. "I'll start everything calmly." The brunch goddess already has a lot to do today; Her catering business is running so well that it is fully booked on the weekends until mid-January. Nevertheless, the moment to open the B & B is just the right one: "People already know me as a good hostess. I am looking forward to serving guests from all over the world. »

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