Cam Newton's future would be outside of Carolina


It seems that the injury that will deprive him of finishing the 2019 season will bring another consequence to Cam Newton, as the future of the quarterback of the Carolina Panthers would be out of the team and he would have to try his luck elsewhere.

An exchange is rumored for the next campaign.

Since arriving at the team led by Ron Rivera in 2011, The quarterback has proven to have an innate talent, but the injuries have persecuted him during the 2 most recent seasons and the Panthers have also been harmed, especially in the economic aspect.

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The current salary of the player is 21.1 million dollars, an extremely high figure for someone who will not play anymore and that their performance may not be enough to stay the following year. As if that were not enough, this figure prevents them from hiring others, due to the salary cap of the National Football League (NFL).

'Supercam' It was the MVP of 2015 after falling to the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl.

Faced with the situation, both Newton, as his representative, his head coach and even the President of the team, they have denied interviews for different journalists and even for the agency The Associated Press

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All this means that, in case Carolina decides to cut her quarterback, You should find someone interested in proposing a contract extension and paying your high salary for a year.

It is said that Chicago Bears They would be interested.

For now, Cam Newton must devote himself completely to his recovery and the Carolina Panthers should focus on looking for their postseason pass; They are currently in the second position of the South Division of the National Conference with a balance of 5 wins and 3 losses.

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