Ciara triumphs with Seattle Sounders in the MLS Cup and celebrates it


Today, the MLS Cup was held, where they faced Seattle Sounders vs.. Toronto FC; the match ended with the victory of Seattle after a final score 3 – 1, crowning itself like the MLS champions.

Among the celebrities who celebrated the triumph of Seattle Sounders, are the singer and dancer Ciara, and her husband; Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson; Well, it is worth mentioning that both are co-owners of the team. Ciara shared through a series of posts on her Instagram account; How he celebrated the victory of his team.

“Forever a special day! It will be cool to play the new cup #GoSounders #PictureDay #TeamOwners, ”Ciara said in the description of the video where he was with his family next to the Cup.

Also, the singer shared a few images under the description "Soccer is family #MLSCupChampions".

Ciara and Russell Wilson, shareholders of Seattle Sounders

The couple became co-owner of the team on August 13, almost three months ago; This was announced by Russell through his official twitter account; This, after Joe Roth, the main owner of the team, put his shares up for sale.

Similarly, rapper Macklemore and his wife, Tricia Davis also acquired part of those actions, it is because of that; The hip-hop singer did not hesitate to express his support for the team through a free presentation prior to the MLS Cup.

Ciara's new single

Without a doubt, this week has been full of celebration for the singer. In addition to the victory of his team in the MLS Cup; Ciara released her new single "Evaporate", where he collaborates with IZA and Major Lazer.

Just a few days after its premiere, Everything indicates that this will be a difficult single to get out of the best positions of electronic music, as; So far it has more than three million views on YouTube and almost 20 thousand comments.

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