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For the party of the elected Council of States Beat Vonlanthen, the question arises whether the election is valid.

The results had to wait a long time in the canton of Friborg on Sunday. Due to technical problems it was not clear until after 9 pm that the former Council of States Beat Vonlanthen (CVP) had been voted out. The 31-year-old Johanna Gapany (FDP) made the race – with 158 votes ahead. Now, as announced, the Freiburg CVP demands a recount of the votes.

It raises the question of the validity of the election, writes the CVP in a statement on Monday. The CVP is not about pushing through its candidate, said Markus Bapst, co-president of the Freiburg CVP, the news agency Keystone-sda. "But we want the State Chancellery explained."

Depended on goodwill of the State Chancellery

The Freiburg CVP demands the recount, but this can only be formulated as a wish. The State Chancellery does not have to comply with the request. On Thursday, the CVP party executive wants to discuss a possible recourse. If this is filed, then the matter takes the legal way and only then would a legal recount be decided.

Good 1000 or 100 votes difference?

On Sunday afternoon, the counting stopped due to incorrectly transmitted results. First of all, there was a good 1000 votes ahead of FDP candidate Johanna Gapany. Then it was said that the results were wrong. The State Chancellery spoke of "technical problems".

When compiling the votes, the canton of Friborg relied on an external company. The system of this company caused the problems. Shortly after 6 pm, the State Chancellery announced that the last results would be transmitted manually.

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