Cubans protest in front of Zoonosis installation in Havana


A group of animal rights activists protest early this Monday in the vicinity of Zoonosis, Animal Observation Center located in the municipality of La Lisa, in Havana, asking for the closure of the place, against which numerous reports of animal abuse weigh.

With signs of "Zoonosis Closure", "Down Zoonosis", "Strychnine no", "Sterilize yes, Kill no", "We speak for those who have no voice", several defenders of animal rights have spent hours in front of the place , to which several police and State Security agents have arrived.

Activist Beatriz Batista has shared several images of the peaceful protest.

According to his statements on Facebook, inside the enclosure would be more than a dozen dogs at this time, waiting to be slaughtered.

"All who want to come, we are in zoonosis", the young woman wrote, and then in another publication she indicated that several neighbors in the area are joining the protest.

In recent days, numerous voices have spoken on social networks to denounce the mistreatment of animals in Havana, after Zoonosis intensify the collection of stray dogs to show a “good” image during the imminent visit of the Kings of Spain.

As a rule, the National Rabies Prevention and Control Program states that “the captured animals will be transferred to the Surveillance and Fighting Units / or Observation Center, where they will remain for 48 hours to guarantee the possible claim of their owners or adoption, after this time will proceed to the sacrifice and proper sanitary disposition of them ”.

The claim of an animal protection law has not stopped growing in the last two years. In August 2018, the Ministry of Agriculture announced that it was preparing a draft Animal Welfare Law, but since then nothing else has been said.

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