Daesh: Turkey will return eleven French jihadists


Turkey will return eleven French jihadists in the coming days as part of a campaign of expulsion of foreign fighters of the Islamic State group (IS) launched Monday, said the Interior Ministry.

"The proceedings concerning eleven foreign fighters of French origin are in progress," said spokesman Ismail Catakli.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Friday that Turkey had captured 287 people who escaped from ISIS jails in Syria near the outbreak of the Ankara offensive. In the process, Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu set the first repatriations to Monday. "No need to run in all directions: we will send you back the IS members. They are yours, do what you want, "he said in a speech in Ankara, addressing" Europe ".

An American, a German and a Dane will leave Turkey on Monday, seven Germans will be sent back Thursday. Efforts are underway to expel eleven French, two Germans, and two Irish. No identity has been given. According to our information, it is mainly women who are called to return to France.

"We have a protocol with Turkey, the Cazeneuve protocol, which allows when situations of this type occur to repatriate terrorists to France" to avoid "wild returns," said Monday morning on France Inter, the minister armies. Florence Parly nevertheless said that she was "not aware at the moment when I am talking about a specific return of a terrorist from Turkey".

The Cazeneuve protocol was signed with Turkey at the end of 2014, it was signed after a "loupe": arrested while they were passing through Turkish territory, three French jihadists – including the brother-in-law of Mohamed Merah – had been expelled by plane by Ankara, which had not alerted the French authorities. Since then, French police are sent to Turkey to repatriate the alleged Daesh fighters. Upon return, adults are placed in custody on the premises of the ISB, children entrusted to welfare for children, the time a judge for children is pronounced.

Last June, a man and his two companions, transferred by Turkey with their nine children, had been indicted for criminal criminal conspiracy. The man had been remanded in custody.

Last January, 502 detainees were already imprisoned for terrorist offenses, whether they were warned or sentenced.

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