Don Cherry dismissed after controversial remarks about immigrants


Hockey commentator Don Cherry was fired by Sportsnet on Monday afternoon, according to several sources.

The dismissal follows Cherry's controversial remarks on Saturday about immigrants.

As Remembrance Day approaches, the 85-year-old blamed immigrants for not buying enough poppies to pay tribute to Canadian soldiers.

"You who come here, you love our way of life, our milk, our honey. (…) You could at least pay a few dollars to buy poppies or something, "Cherry said.

"These men have paid for the lifestyle you enjoy in Canada."

Sportsnet had disassociated himself from Cherry's remarks on Sunday, and had also apologized.

"Don's comments were discriminatory and offensive and they do not represent our values," Sportsnet president Bart Yabsley said in a statement.

"We discussed the matter directly with Don, and we sincerely apologize for his remarks."

The National Hockey League (NHL) also denounced Cherry's comments later in the day,

"Hockey is at its best when it brings people together. The comments that were made last night (Saturday) were offensive and contrary to the values ​​that drive us. "

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