Downcast hitman family often sells to pay for funeral


Nuevo Laredo.- Relatives of one of the alleged hitmen killed last Wednesday by elements of the Civil Force in Lampazos, Nuevo Leon, dedicated themselves to selling often and asking for cooperation to pay for the funeral expenses of his family member.

Through a publication on social networks, the identity of the deceased, Mario "N", aka "El Chiquilin", who was originally from Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, and was a suspected member of the Northeast Cartel (CDN) was announced.

In the absence of money to pay for the transfer of the body of Monterrey to his hometown, relatives of the gunman killed announced on November 9 that they would sell glasses of menundo to 200 pesos and request cooperation through "boats" to pay for the funeral.

Through a social media post, family members announced the sale often to pay for the funeral of the alleged hitman. Image: Facebook Capture

Last Wednesday, November 6, there was a confrontation between elements of the Civil Force and alleged members of the "Troop of Hell", an armed arm of the CDN, in a town in the municipality of Lampazos, in Nuevo Leon.

The incident occurred in a breach of the San Martin ranch, which is located at kilometer 15 of the Sender road. The agents made a surveillance tour when they ran into three trucks with armed subjects, who opened fire on them.

The Civil Force repelled the attack, killing five gunmen, including "El Chiquilin". Three of the agents were also lightly injured.

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