Draw without goals and boredom left Real Sociedad-Motagua in Tocoa – Ten


It was a match for oblivion. Bored. Without occasions. There is no qualifier to describe the already inconsequential Real Sociedad-Motagua of the 17th day of Opening tournament 2019-20 which concluded 0-0.

Tocoa dressed up to receive the two-time national champion that arrived with many substitutes knowing fixed in the third place and without possibilities of climbing or descending in the table of positions of the Lifeguard League.

There were not too many scoring chances in the game, but if there were, they were in the first stages of this boring encounter.

At minute 9, Marco Tulio Vega He was close to putting the first but he was late for a well filtered ball by Wilmer Crisanto.

That's how Olimpia swept in the last Pentagonal move played in Honduras 27 years ago.

Cyclone appeared and Walter Martinez, at 11, tested the reflexes of the Colombian William Robledo who sent the ball to the corner kick.

There he lost the vertigo with which the contest started. At 35, Martinez Betanco lost his head and, after being reprimanded at 22, saw the red double yellow after a hard tackle on Samir Martinez, with whom he brought her in the game.

With those few outstanding actions, the initial stage of the Francisco Martinez Duron of Bajo Aguan.

Wilson Palacios disputed 75 minutes and had an acceptable performance. Here the ball with Motaguense Marcelo Santos fights.


The other coffee maker of the olive oil, Oscar Mobile, entered starting the second half and at 63 could open the account.

The ram, who entered by Mario Flores, his marker escaped in speed but sent it well above the crossbar thanks to the back pressure Cristopher Melendez.

At 79, Danni Mejia he found himself in an unbeatable frontal position to the goal but could not accommodate himself and his shot went wide.

Wilmer Crisanto and Osman Melgares had an interesting duel during the Real Sociedad-Motagua played yesterday in Tocoa.

Just 60 seconds later, at 80, Tocoenos claimed criminal when Mobile fell into the area, but Melendez's mark was correct and Nelson Salgado He was successful.

A UFO to any part of containment Sergio Pena, who played to catch pace after being away from the courts several days, closed a duel that left nothing for both.

Just one point for every eleven that was not beneficial in any way. The process was completed and Motagua will continue third, only now with 30 digits, while the Royal reached 10 and will remain colero.

11 minute

Walter Martinez tests the reflexes of Robledo, who sends the ball to the corner.

9 minute

Marco Vega was close to putting the first but was late to a ball leaked by Wilmer Crisanto.

8 minute

Even match in Tocoa, where Motagua plays with a less common eleven against Real Sociedad. Aggressive the oil set.

2 minute

Jonathan Nunez, Motagua U-20 midfielder, tested medium distance and well Robledo in the background.


The game starts in Tocoa, where oil and eagles collide at the end of day 17 of the championship.

About to start

Real Sociedad and Motagua are already on the engrammed of Francisco Martinez and will soon begin their meeting of the 17th day of the 2019-20 Opening.

This is how Real Sociedad comes out

27. William Robledo, 24. Dilmer Gutierrez, Samir Martinez, 18. Henrry Clark and 3. Robbie Matute; 10. Kemsie Abbott, 25. Wilmer Fuentes, 35 Wilson Palacios and 17. Osman Melgares; 22. Mario Florses and 7. Kendrick Carcamo.

In reservations …

They already warm up players and referees

The Francisco Martinez de Tocoa stadium looks good for Real Sociedad-Motagua, which starts at 2:00 in the afternoon.

Motagua Alignment


Hello, good afternoon, welcome to the minute-by-minute of the Real Sociedad-Motagua that will complete the 17th day of the 2019-20 Apertura tournament.

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