ERC surpasses the PSC in the battle of Barcelona


ERC has improved its results compared to 28-A: He has won again in Barcelona in these second general elections in which 73% of the census has participated, 2% less than in the previous elections. Together with the municipal, the republican formation chains three wins in just over six months. This 10N, the leading party Gabriel Rufian It has been the most voted formation in the Catalan capital with 172,180 backups, with 100% of the votes counted. He PSC – a party that historically won in the Catalan capital during these elections – has lost this battle, obtaining 163,791 votes and placing it in second position.

The third place occupies it In Comu Podem, the party whose candidacy leads Jaume Asens. With 15.64% of the votes (128,525), it loses bellows compared to last April, when it represented 16.36% of the Barcelona electorate. Regarding the elections of 28A, the big hit has taken him Citizens, which has gone from being the fourth most voted position to be the seventh, being behind the PP and the Cup, which was presented for the first time to a general election. In December 2018, the orange party was the most voted in the last regional.


This time it has been JxCat who has taken third place from Cs, with 102,041 votes. The orange formation must conform to 46,523 supports, which represent 5.66% of the total.

He PP, on the other hand, has improved its results and has gone from obtaining 6.18% of the votes to rise to 9.49% (77,976). Behind is the formation of the extreme right Vox, with 43,700 votes. Its growth in Barcelona has been weaker than in the rest of Catalonia and Spain. More Country, the party founded by Ínigo Errejon – after the split with Pablo Iglesias (Podemos) – has ended with 12,928 votes, while PACMA He has obtained 8,271 ballots in the city.

By districts, ERC It has been the first force in Eixample, Gracia, Les Corts, Sant Andreu, Sant Marti and Sants, the PSC He has won at Nou Barris, Horta and Ciutat Vella, while JxCat He has achieved victory in Sarria. The common ones, curiously, have not even been the most voted formation in the most popular districts of the city.


However, at the province level the results are different. This is how the 32 seats from 10N in Barcelona. The force that takes the most is the PSC (8), one less than in the previous ones. ERC (7), also one less. Then they follow the comuns (with 5 seats) losing one with respect to the other general elections. JxCat He keeps four, winning one at the new election date. Cs, on the other hand, goes from four seats to two and Vox one wins (now has two). He PP it is recomposed from one to two seats and the Cup He goes to sleep with two first seats in Congress.

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