EUREX / DAX futures in the course of easier – overbought position | 11/11/19


FRANKFURT (Dow Jones) – Further down on Monday in the course of early trading with the DAX futures at Eurex. The December contract loses 8:57 at 8:57 to 13,170.5 points. So far, the daily high is 13,241 and the daily low at 13,160.5 points. So far, over 4,100 contracts have been implemented.

Market participants point to the overbought situation. "As a consequence, the future should find it increasingly difficult to sustain the very high upside momentum," said Commerzbank analysts Technical Analysis and Index Research. A sideways phase to at least partially reduce the overbought situation should therefore not be surprising. As long as the future defends the uptrend at 12,975 points, a consolidation would have a normal, trend-confirming character.

The next resistance is the annual high at 13,298 points.

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November 11, 2019 02:13 ET (07:13 GMT)

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