FAS took a draw in Ahuachapan


The tigrillos do not release the third place in the table with the point they took against 11 Deportivo.

Club Deportivo FAS could not win a match that could have taken the opportunity to approach the Sonsonate, but 11 Deportivo stood up and finished 1-1. The distance in the standings between the tigers and coconut palms is now four points in the fierce fight of second place in the 2019 Opening.

To the border box this point does not take him out of the last position, a place he has occupied since the contest began. However, adding at this point is good for one of the youngsters, since as the picture is, it will be the team that struggles not to descend in the Clausura 2020, therefore it will be key to arrive with a good base of points .

Raul Gonzalez, defender of 11 Deportivo, put the first goal of the game with a touch of head, over three minutes, after taking a free kick taken by Anthony Roque.

Two minutes later, Josue Rivera put the goal of the tie for FAS and with which the points were distributed with the western neighbor. The rest of the game's development lacked clear goal opportunities.

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