FC Bayern Munich: Hansi Flick as Kovac successor? Rummenigge reacts


Bayern look for the departure of Niko Kovac for a coach's successor. Or is Hansi Flick establishing itself as a permanent solution?

  • Niko Kovac is no longer coach of Bayern Munich.
  • Hansi Flick takes over the office as interim coach.
  • Jogi LOw would certainly trust his companion to do the job.

Update from November 9, 9:15 pm: Hansi Flick remains over after the convincing success Borussia Dortmund first continue coach of FC Bayern Munich, "We'll continue with Hansi until further notice, he has done well now and he has our confidence," said CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge
on Saturday after a 4-0 victory over Borussia Dortmund. "Hansi said before the game, the two games are now the finish line first. He crossed the finish line brilliantly today. "Now you can continue with Flick, said Rummenigge. You have to give the coach a "big compliment".

The commitment of Flick as successor to Niko Kovac was initially intended only for the games against Olympiakos Piraeus (2: 0) and Dortmund. "We are satisfied with how we performed today," said Rummenigge after the dominant appearance against BVB. In two weeks in Dusseldorf Flick will be after the international break for the third time in the responsibility.

How long the Munich plan with Flick, said Rummenigge not. Also, not what that meant for the coach search of the German football champion. "What we do, I do not want to comment in public," said the Munich CEO.

Flick as a permanent solution at Bayern? Companion meaningful: "Hansi already knows what to do"

Update from November 9, 7:30 pm: Officially, he wants a permanent position as head coach at FC Bayern Knowing nothing. But there are certainly professionals who Hansi Flick would trust the job – as well as a longtime companion.

"I think that he can be a long-term solution. He also had a high emotional ability to deal with the players. Hansi knows what to do. And that's why I think that you can trust him, "said Joachim LOw in the half-time break of the Bundesliga top match. The Swabian once worked with Flick in the coaching team of the German national team.

Coach search at Bayern: Does Flick reveal the plans of the record champions here?

Update from 8th November, 14.10 clock: Trainer Hansi Flick At the press conference in front of the Bundesliga Kracher (here in the live ticker) asked the questions of the journalists. He met some statements that could reveal much about the coach issue, which could lead to a major turnaround at Bayern Munich. "Dortmund is the finish line. We want to go through with a win. That's what drives me and the team. "Thus Flick attests the two games against Piraeus and Dortmund a time frame – have the Bavarians already a solution ready for then? '
Next speaks Flick about his current role: "I have seen many important games, for example at DFB, I enjoy the two games now. I am relaxed, the nights may not be very deep sleep. It makes you think. "The big question is whether Flick soon finds restful sleep again – his statements may have revealed much to that effect.

Michael Rummenigge, brother of Karl-Heinz, talked to tz.de about the situation at FC Bayern Munchen and Niko Kovac before the game against Borussia Dortmund.

Also in England is on the weekend a real cracker: It comes to the duel between Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp. We report in the live ticker to the match Liverpool against Manchester City.

Update from November 6th, 6:47 pm: Of the FC Bayern looking for the farewell of Niko Kovac after a trainersuccessor, Names are already traded many. But how does the FCB search, which is now quite surprising? Hasan Salihamidzic gave a small glimpse of Olympiakos Piraeus ahead of the Champions League game.

Before the kick-off Salihamidzic was on Sky in front of the microphone and did not really want to make direct announcements to the trainer search. So he answered the question of whether to look for a long-term solution or a solution until the summer: "Let's see."

Who will be Kovac's successor at Bayern Munich? Hasan Salihamidzic calls plan

But between the lines revealed the sports director of the FCB but then a lot. Thus, after the Brazzo statements more than clear that the FCB currently sees itself not forced to a coach-quick shot: "We try to make a good decision. We will take our time and not let ourselves be put under pressure, "said the sports director.

And also to the question, if Hansi Flick will hold the post as interim coach for more than one to two weeks, Brazzo said with a positive grin: "We'll see." He added that he had experienced Flick very confidently in the past few days and that Flick had talked a lot to the players.

So it's clear: The FCB will take time in the search for a Kovac successor. So that the Bavarians will introduce a new coach in the next few days, so can not be expected. At the moment, it seems possible that Hansi Flick will remain coach for a long time. That will probably depend on the results.

Previously, Uli Hoeneb had already made a far-reaching decision in terms of finding a Kovac successor.

First report: Conspicuous Brazzo quote after Kovac-Aus: Did he steal it?

Munich – With his statement on the separation of coach Niko Kovac FC Bayern has caused astonishment. Sports Director Hasan Salihamidzic said in a Sunday evening press release:

"Now I expect a positive development from our players and absolute motivation to achieve our goals for this season."

CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge was quoted in 2017 at the release of the Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti from FCB with the sentence:

"I now expect the team to show a positive development and absolute drive to achieve our goals for this season."

"Lack of appreciation and inadequate quality of Salihamidzic"

On the net, the doublet caused a laugh – at the expense of Salihamidzic. "The PM for the dismissal of Ancelotti and the PM for the dismissal of Kovac contain the same wording. Unfortunately, you do not need to know more about the lack of appreciation and the inadequate quality of Salihamidzic, "writes a Twitter user.

Curious duplication: Was Salihamidzic not contacted, but his name used?

It may be speculated whether Salihamidzic was not contacted before the release of the press release, or whether the sports director really came to exactly the same words as Rummenigge 2017.

Salihamidzic has been criticized by fans for months. During the transfer period, transfers such as Philippe Coutinho, Ivan Perisic and Michael Cuisance succeeded him only at the last moment, after Bayern's efforts had previously fizzled several times. Even his low standing compared to the all-powerful club bosses Uli Hoeneb and Rummenigge was in the environment of the record champion already more often an issue.


Who will be Niko Kovac's successor? Many names circulate, we have created an overview of the candidates.

Dietmar Hamann is known for his critical words on many a Bayern star. After the Kovac separation floats him a Bayern-Elf without two top earners.

The coaching team of Bayern Munich without Niko Kovac takes shape: Hansi Flick can look forward to Hermann Gerland.

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