FC Metz as one man


From words to action, the players of FC Metz have honored a promise, this Saturday night, stadium Pierre-Mauroy. They wanted to "give everything to Manu". Manuel Cabit, of course. The terrible accident experienced by their teammate last Sunday has probably welded a group determined to pick a result in Lille. To give a small smile to the hospitalized side and advance in this championship of exceptional density.

All for one so. And a point for all on arrival (0-0). At the price of an admirable collective effort and a move to five defenders late in the game to secure the result, the Grenats have silenced a high-end training yet unaccustomed to disappoint in his stadium.

FC Metz bring back a good Lille point (0-0)

"I wanted to see them determined and supportive," could appreciate Vincent Hognon. "It shows that you can compete with a team that plays the Champions League. "

"A good sauce"

"In defense, this is our reference match," said Victorian Angban. His Ivorian compatriot, Habib Maïga, was advancing the idea of ​​a nascent series with this second consecutive draw. "That's two points on last games, even if we had the opportunity to take a little more. Against Montpellier (2-2), we showed that we were a good team and we could play. Against Lille, we proved that we could be solid defensively ", detailed the midfielder. Conclusion? "It only remains to make a good sauce with both! "

Beyond the result, it is also the absence of errors that struck the spirits Saturday. Dangerous ball losses have been limited, the concentration swings are rare and the mistakes of this juvenile population have been erased. If the promoted played as one man for a teammate in turmoil, the Grenats also showed a collective maturity and individual unprecedented. Like men, then. Finally !

"A major mistake"

This observation has also gained in power with the injustice arbitration that hit this team. Reinildo deserved an eviction every day for his murderous tackle on Thomas Delaine, but Florent Batta leaned for a simple yellow card, ignoring the use of the VAR in general misunderstanding. In spite of this contrary event, "a major error", pointed Hognon, no sign of disturbance came to parasitize a group united towards its objective. "From the beginning, we saw that he began to whistle in favor of Lille, but we armed ourselves with courage," recalled Angban, philosopher.

The bodies and minds will now rest during the two weeks of the international truce before preparing the match against the Stade de Reims on 23 November. This meeting will be particularly instructive because it must allow this group to finally achieve the reunification of a controlled defense and an offensive efficiency. The famous Habib Maïga sauce. If Metz tastes, his future in Ligue 1 should feel good.

Christian JOUGLEUX

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