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The almost humiliating defeat of the PLR ​​candidate in the states Hugues Hiltpold, given the gap that separates him from the winners, causes shocks within the party. Received Monday morning by the RTS, the vice-president of the Swiss party, the national councilor Christian Luscher, addresses a volley of greenwood to … State Councilor Pierre Maudet. He asks her to leave the party. But this one will not do anything: "Mr. Maudet does not intend to argue on the basis of remarks made in the context of federal elections, "he said to the Tribune of Geneva through his communications officer.
As for the president of the party, Betrand Reich, he kicks in touch: "We will devote the next two weeks to analyze our failure and its causes. We will also take into account the external findings. At this point, I will not comment on each other's words. "

A night of reflection

But Christian Luscher's words are not spontaneous. Joined Sunday evening, while he announced to reserve his election analysis on the radio, he confessed bubbling and want to take the night to think … But this morning, it is animated by a cold rage he expressed . What annoys the elected official is that the overall results of the PLR ​​are not bad overall: "Obviously, he says, the PLR ​​genevois is the big loser PLR Romands. He lost a seat on the National Council "and the score of his candidate to the States is lower than 10,000 voice to that of four years ago.

Blame it on Maudet? "Yes. For seven weeks, in the markets, we have suffered jeers, insults and sometimes almost physical aggression of people, who swayed the flyers in the face saying that they would never vote PLR, as long as he remained the party, in quotation marks, from the "liar". The activists were frightened by the dislike of the Genevans to Pierre Maudet and it worries me a lot for the upcoming municipal elections. "A somewhat apocalyptic version of the campaign that seems to be shared by the actors we contacted this morning.
To "avoid the massacre", the national councilor calls Pierre Maudet to resign from the party.

"Who would hire him?"

The rest of the interview is like the beginning. Drawing mortar, Christian Luscher denounces "the egoism of Pierre Maudet who refused to resign from the Council of State while he was caught in the jar of jam jam". Noting the internal vote of the cantonal PLR, which had refused very little to ask his elected to leave the government in January 2018, he assures to understand that the magistrate PLR ​​does not wish to leave the Council of State. Because "fantastic as it is, Pierre Maudet has no professional training. (…) How would he pay his rent? (…) And who would engage him in the current circumstances? "He asks him to leave at least the party:" I appeal to this individual responsibility that Pierre Maudet likes to put forward. "

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