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The State Chancellery said that the verifications had "revealed some differences that do not call into question the result of the vote".

The elections of Christian Levrat and Johanna Gapany are thus confirmed. In the end, the Socialist and the PLR ​​obtained 38,372 and 31,129 votes, compared to 30,999 for the outgoing PDC Beat Vonlanthen. The difference of 20 votes compared to the results announced Sunday comes from two sets of ballots, which had not been taken into account in Murten.

In the aftermath of computer problems that delayed the announcement of the results of several hours, the Chancellery said the origin of the failure comes from the electoral management system developed by an external company.

Use of the PDC?

To see if the Christian Democratic Party decides to stop there. The steering committee will discuss a possible appeal Thursday night. Before the communication of the Chancellery, he had asked in a statement a recount of votes, given the "serious problems encountered in the counting".

"We want explanations from the Chancellery," Markus Bapst, co-chairman of the Cantonal PDC, said on Monday. "We do not want to impose our candidate, but we must restore confidence in the electoral process," he said.

For its part, the Chancellery indicates that no cantonal legal basis provides for a recount, but that the prefects can order it in their district if they see a reason to do so. However, "the prefects concerned (Singine, Lake and Sarine) decided that a recount would be of no use, since the problem occurred is related to the transmission of the results and not to the count itself".

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At the end of the suspense: PLR Johanna Gapany releases PDC Beat Volonthen. PS Christian Levrat will accompany him to the States.

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