Google publishes Stadia app in the Play Store


Google is preparing with the final steps the market launch of Stadia. Now there is an official app for the game streaming service in the Google Play Store, which brings a little surprise. Stadia should officially only work on the last Google smartphones, but the app can also be installed on many other devices. Probably an oversight. Or you will not be able to play on devices from other manufacturers but at least manage Stadia accounts.

Stadia Smartphone App

Anyway, it takes an Invite code to gamble anyway, which has probably not arrived yet with any previous orderer. I believe in the launch of Stadia, the app will stop any attempt when users want to play on "foreign" devices. Officially Stadia has been announced for Google Pixel 2, Pixel 3, Pixel 3a and Pixel 4, otherwise it can still be played on the PC via Chrome and a Chromecast Ultra.


Google: Stadia usable on four pixel generations, the controller but only with cable

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