Happy ending for the French student forbidden to settle in Quebec because she does not speak French well enough


The incomprehensible administrative imbroglio had aroused a number of criticisms. The French woman living in Quebec who had her immigration application refused because she had not been able to show that she had the required level of French during a selection exam, could finally live her dream.

That's what she announced Saturday on Twitter.

The Quebec authorities criticized Emilie Dubois for having written in English one of the chapters of her dissertation in cellular and molecular biology, a document requested for obtaining the Quebec selection certificate. The extract in question was, in fact, a scientific article published in a magazine that the French student had seen fit to include in her study to support and develop her reasoning.

"You did not complete your program of study in Quebec entirely in French, including the dissertation or thesis," indicated the document she had received. An ubiquitous situation for the one who wrote the rest of his doctorate in French, passed his thesis defense in French and made all of his studies, since the beginning of his schooling, in the language of Moliere.

Although she admitted to having been warned at the end of 2018 of her clumsiness, she denounced a zealous application of the Quebec law of the Ministry of Immigration, Francization and Integration to study her case.

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