Has the decline of Cristiano Ronaldo begun?


It's not usual for Cristiano Ronaldo to be replaced when he starts a meeting as a starter, and even less so to see him to be released by his coach in the 55th minute of play, without being hurt.

But that's what happened on the field of Juventus Stadium in Serie A against AC Milan this weekend. Sarri made the decision to bring out his player, and provoked the lightning of the fivefold Golden Ball.

According to Sarri, CR7 did not look good and drag muscle pain for a few days. And this is something surprising, because it is rare to see the Portuguese suffer muscle pain, he who is uncompromising on his physical form since a young age.

At 34, the player begins to feel thathe had never felt physically before. But could these pains be a sign of a beginning of physical decline for number 7who is still dominating football for many years yet?

But there is more than that. The figures and performances of the Juventus player Turin also seem to indicate a decline in capacity from the one who dominates football alongside Leo Messi for more than a decade.

During his last season in Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo scored 44 goals with the merengue club. In his first season in Turinhe scored 28 goals, with only one match played less. This season, in 14 games, the Portuguese scored 7 goals. An average that does not fit the figures to which we accustomed the Portuguese star.

Thus, his offensive contribution has suffered a significant decline in the last two years. Cristiano Ronaldo went from generating 1.07 goals per game during his last season in Madrid, generating 0.37 at Juventus. An average that does not count the penaltys.

The ProFootballDB study, statistical laboratory of BeSoccer, shows a certain decline of the player. The difference between the Real Madrid CR7 and Juventus Turin CR7 is impressive. But why ? Everyone will have his theory, but the age of the player is a major factor to take into account. Just like adapting to a new championship, his compatibility with his teammates in the field …

Frustrated and angryThis is the last picture we saw of Cristiano Ronaldo this weekend in Italy. Its impact on the game of his team is no longer the meme, and everyone is trying to find out if it's just a bad series, or from the beginning of the end.

Transcript of the graph:

The offensive contribution of Cristiano Ronaldo by season TTC:

– The blue curve represents the goals scored by Cristiano Ronaldo on 90 minutes.

– The red curve represents his assists.

– The green curve represents goals + assists over 90 minutes.

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