How does the exchange rate imposed by the Central Bank affect the Argentine Super League clubs?


The tight exchange rate was one of the first measures taken by the National Central Bank hours after the defeat of Mauricio Macri in the presidential elections. Beyond this directive, which contained the price of the dollar and remains stable at $ 63 for sale, last September another directive was made that directly affects Argentine football clubs.

Basically, the institutions (mainly those belonging to the Argentine Super League, where there is more tendency to handle foreign currency in contracts and other issues) they were obliged to settle the amounts they receive in dollars within a period not exceeding five days of effect. In this way, they have to pesify their income, so the US currency would not be part of the "savings" of any club.

This, for soccer leaders, is considered as something negative due to the instability that the dollar starred during the administration of the government of Mauricio Macri. Is that the rise in the currency is directly related to the economic balance of each team: With the pesified income, any devaluation of the national currency will lower their assets.

Anyway, the stability acquired by the foreign currency with the stocks it also gives a certain feeling of respite taking into account what was imposed by the Central Bank last September. But there is a problem that can't skip and it has to do with outgoing money: many clubs have debts in dollars.

"The clubs have incurred debts in dollars because they could do it and because the legislation allows it. Now there is a complication, Argentine football generates many dollars for the sale of players. If part of those dollars one wants to invest in hiring foreign soccer players to boost the squad, it will be complicated", they said from Banfield, visibly upset with this situation, in dialogue with Double Yellow

Boca and River? The cast 'xeneize' thinks that this situation harms the quality of Argentine football due to the rapid departure of young promises and the difficulties of incorporating glowing figures compared to the facilities of the european market. On the other hand, in Nunez they think similar to his eternal rival: the mandatory liquidation of the currency devalues ​​the coffers of the clubs, and forces to diminish the quality of a league that always ran back in economic sense.

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