In short 'OVP wants to form a government with the Greens


In short 'OVP wants to form a government with the Greens

Sebastian Kurz. Picture: EPA

One and a half months after the parliamentary elections in Austria, the Conservatives of the OVP are taking over from ex-Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and the Green coalition negotiations. One day after the Greens also gave the OVP on Monday go-ahead for negotiations. OVP boss Kurz expected however with difficult discussions.

According to the Austrian news agency APA, the talks on Tuesday are scheduled to start with a conversation between the two party leaders.

Kurz said to journalists in Vienna that he expected a "thoroughly challenging process". Whether ultimately a government comes from both parties is uncertain, since the positions are very different. Greens boss Werner Kogler spoke of a venture, which one would like to enter.

How long the negotiations could take, Kurz left open. But he pointed out that his former government was formed in 2017 after just two months of talks with the right-wing populist FPO. These were extremely fast coalition negotiations. Briefly ruled out, according to APA, to want to talk in parallel with other parties about a joint government.

The party leadership of the Austrian Greens had already unanimously decided on Sunday to start negotiations with the OVP for a joint government. In the case of a coalition formation, the Greens would take over government responsibility in Vienna for the first time.

The two parties emerged as election winners from the poll on 29 September. The OVP received 37.5 percent of the vote – an increase of six percentage points compared to the election in 2017. The Greens were able to win 13.9 percent (plus 10.1 percentage points) of the voters of themselves and thus retired after the bitter defeat two years ago back to the National Council.

FPO is getting involved in the opposition

While the SPO (21.2 percent) would have been prepared for government negotiations, the previous coalition partner of the OVP, the right-wing FPO (16.2 percent), is more likely to be in opposition in the coming years.

The fact that a new government has to be formed in Austria at the moment is the result of the so-called Ibiza scandal surrounding the former FPO leader Heinz-Christian Strache. "Spiegel" and "Suddeutsche Zeitung" had published a video in May in which Strache appeared willing to corrupt in conversation with a supposed Russian oligarchs niece.

Strache resigned from office all day after publication, shattered the entire government, and then Chancellor Kurz called for new elections. At present, a nonpartisan expert cabinet rules in Austria. (Aeg / SDA / afp / dpa)

Beidlpracker and Co. – swearwords to Austria's crisis.

Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and his government have fallen

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