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Buenos Aires –

An old rule of Argentine journalism says: when a team wins a tournament, the cover title must necessarily contain the word CHAMPION. "Champion of courage", "Champion of America", "Brilliant champion" … Whatever the variant, you must wear that component. It is so difficult to achieve that the record must remain, to perpetuate the work. In the case of Independiente del Valle we would say "Champion with football and character". He is a magnificent continental monarch, a team without fear and with technical-tactical arguments. As football fans, we are fully represented by this group of players and their coach.

That the baptism with the glory occurs first in the international field that in the national is not normal. It is an inverted pyramid. It has taken many clubs a century to crown themselves beyond their borders. But that will also come, Independiente del Valle does not look like a summer flower. If it is not a man, if it is an idea, it will have arrived to remain.

One of the last zonceras installed in football says that the only valid thing is to win the Champions League or the World Cup; Anything beyond that does not exist. An ignorance All titles are beautiful and enjoyed, being a champion is a wonderful feeling. This South American Cup is invaluable and Independent Valley is already in history. And not only for raising the trophy, but also for the shape. It is not the same to win tucked back, hung from the crossbar, than playing with greatness and courage.

The final never left Independiente. It took ten, maybe fifteen minutes to study the rival and how the game came. He processed the data and started playing. Never revoke the ball, touch, triangulation, safety in the pass, mobility to always offer a discharge to the teammate who brings the ball, occupy the spaces well, defensive security first, then let go. And from there, the individual, what each one brings from the house. He did not invent the cancer vaccine, he followed the classic basics of the manual of playing well. The simplicity of a technician is an additional value.

Nor did the tremendous frame made up of Columbus fans, almost 40,000 red and black hearts overflowing with illusion, something rarely seen. From the mood, Independiente played as played on a Sunday before the roast, with ease and outstanding personality. And that is precisely the most important thing in a final. When a group of players goes out to compete with such serenity and confidence there is merit of the driver, in this case the Spaniard Miguel Angel Ramirez. We never knew of a brave team with a faint-hearted technician. The first descends from the leadership exercised by the commander.

Collective harmony enhanced individual contribution. And generated very high notes. Cristian Pellerano, veteran trajinator of the trade, intelligent distributor, pause and acceleration manager, finds at 37 the medal that adorns his career. The figure of the court was far away. He decided how the game would be played. In 2010 he had a remarkable performance in Independiente de Avellaneda against Penarol in a 3 to 0, with his goal included. He reminded us of that night. Pines, decisive archer, by physical and spiritual presence, to cover the key criminal. If it was a goal he could have motorized the comeback of Columbus. Luis Fernando Leon, for his defensive resistance, but especially for the killer header that broke the game. That was all perfect, it deserves to be told: the master center of Pellerano (a pass to the head), the elastic jump of Leon and his head of pique to the ground; with the wet field, that ball itched and got in. That's how it went.

Then, highlight once again John Sanchez, author of that remarkable goal in Avellaneda, the key to the semifinal classification. Now for that second goal to Columbus, testimony of a phenomenal, unstoppable start. A player called to be important, however let's leave it in ellipses. Prudence…! We have made many predictions and then they were left in nothing because of the mentality of these boys. Physically and technically they are gifted, then their minds will decide. All that team of Independente del Valle finalist of the Liberators seemed to have European destiny. Jose Angulo was going to be a star. What happened to them …? Spencer there was one. He arrived alone and with a bag in Montevideo in 1960 when Uruguay was a football power. And touched the highest peaks. We will see what is Sanchez in two years.

The class of Efren Mera, the goals of Dajome, the endurance of Schunke, the very good lateral Landazuri, the punterito Cabeza, thinking and generous in the third goal of giving the ball to Dajome instead of trying to do it himself. All contributed greatly to the epic of this club that in six years went from total anonymity to South American champion. An entity with a project behind: transcending from the formation of players. But, above all, since the recruitment, which most leaders do not quite understand: much more important than training is the recruitment, sweeping the country looking for talents. Once recruited, yes, give them the weapons to develop their skills. Independiente del Valle proves it again: there are no impossible in football (nor in life), if you work well, with intelligence, if you put everything in the goal, if you know about football. The FC Barcelona checkbook is not needed to succeed.

“Neutral field in the final of the South American? Columbus plays at home. Is it the same to travel from Argentina to Asuncion than from Quito to Asuncion? ” A tweet questioned the headquarters of the final. It should be explained: it was decided from a year before the only final. It was not even dreamed that Columbus and Independiente would reach this instance. And, in addition, the one designated in principle was Lima, much closer to Ecuador. But even Columbus would have brought many people. It is a tradition of the Argentine fan to massively accompany his team and fill the field.

Columbus deserves his paragraph. It was less, although not as less as the result suggests. He suffered an unexpected setback: the day before he was injured Aliendro, his most important player, say the Pellerano de Colon, but with better handling and more arrival. And already in the match, his great figure, he flea Rodriguez had an afternoon to forget. All wrong, even the criminal, badly executed (although well cut). You never expect your leader to be with the changed booties. The environment knew: Columbus was 60% hope, 40% reality. I sensed it difficult because the rival was dangerous, brave.

Go a mention of honor to the correction of the public, stoic given the storm unleashed in Asuncion (we have traveled about three hundred times there and when the water is discharged in the Guarani capital it seems the end of the world). Applause for the chivalry of all. The hall that both teams lavished in the awards. Excellent: cordiality, respect. Even the Columbus players declared pondering the winner: "Play very well, have a very clear idea of ​​the game, nothing to say," said Burian and Estigarribia.

A few last lines to the red and white people. Columbus is a picture of modesty and popularity, which has just been revealed. Never in history has a team taken so many people abroad. We imagine the sad caravan of the return, the wetness, the sadness, silent mouths, flags that do not fly, trumpets that do not make noise … The illusion is a well spent silver, it is never futile, the lived experience was lived and is in the credit of the soul. (OR)

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